Thursday, June 13, 2024
Bee pollen

mtveriDuring evolution process plants that needed pollination started to produce more and more tasty and substantial pollen to attract insects. Most of plants’ pollen are very high nourishment substances.  Bee pollen – is plant pollen that is collected and fermented by bees, it’s not allergic. Bee pollen combats inflammation, speeds up regeneration process among them of liver cells. It’s highly effective remedy in complex of treatment of ischemic disease, hypertonia, myocarditis and heart rheumatisms. While taking bee pollen the following changes happen into the body: lipid metabolism is improved, normalizes heart rhythm, increase activity, blood supply is improved and blood vessels are strengthened.  There is almost every micro element  of human blood in bee pollen: iron, copper and manganum.

    Bee pollen is especially recommended for children during active growth, after severe diseases and in post operational period.