Thursday, June 13, 2024

BeeLogo2The cooperative "Modern beekeeping" is one of the largest beekeeping cooperatives in the Guria region, whose beekeeping farms are located in different villages of the Lanchkhuti municipality, in ecologically clean places, the principle of which is:

  1. Arrays of natural forests and shrubs;
  2. They are protected by established standards for impact on beekeeping farms from industrial, transport and agricultural;
  3. The cooperative has a modern material and technical base, the building of which meets established standards and is equipped with modern equipment of the Polish production company Lisson.
    The main goal of the cooperative is the production and sale of environmentally friendly products.

Our cooperative produces:

  • High quality honey,
  • Mother of bees,
  • Bee milk,
  • Flower dust, 
  • For the bee colony, 
  • Additional bee food - Kand,Invert syrup.